Experibread! proofing and white versus wheat

Using this recipe, which is basically standard sourdough loaf, I tired to see what difference there is in catalysing and proofing times as well as changing percentage of whole and white flour.

I am not going to lie I am a lazy bread baker. I always wondered what difference catalysing (when you add the flour, stater and water) and proofing made. Well I now know the answer (as well as having many loaves).


The best was 12 hours of catalysing and 12 hours of proofing, it has deeper last but was not oversour as the 20 hour. Lesson: recipes instructions are there for a reason. shorter proofing also resulted in less bubbly though which is to be expected.

I love my wheat flour and tend to do most of my loaf with it. i am always slightly jealous though of loaves with the huge air bubbles. My loaves tend to be denser i have noticed and I read that the flour tends to make a difference. Although i still used some wheat flour i reduced to about 1/4 of this recipe for standard work horse loaf.


12 hours proofing and an hour in oven more in the oven and Tadaahh!


It does seem to be definitely lighter than using just whole flour. Hmmmm I wonder using 00 flour would do… Next week’s experiment!

Although my loaf are slightly bubbly they tend to be more dense. I like using whole flour as I feel it has a bit more oomph.


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