Summer Break

Sorry, have not been baking any bread, been a bit on a summer break. The starter has been the fridge and sleeping for the last month.

An excellent way to store your starter is to feed it well with flour and water give it a stir. Leave it a couple of hours at room temperature before putting in the fridge. Your starter should be fine for at least a week. I have left very well feed starter in the fridge for 3 weeks. If you are planning not to bake for a really really really long time you can also freeze it.  Just put the starter in a jar and in the freezer.  I have some emergency starter in the freezer at all time in case the worst should happen. To restart your starter from the freezer, it takes a little coaxing to wake up. Leave it to thaw and then feed it well.

Anyways will be back soon though!



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