Starter is ready, let’s get sour dough bready!

After 12 days of carful feeding of flour and water, the starter has stopped smelling like vomit in a urine soaked abandoned alley (yay!) and slightly of a more sweet yeasty bready smell.


I used whole flour so it has slightly different consistency than just using white flour. Different methodes can be used such as instead of just using flour and water, starter can be started with milk and yogurt or sugary juice (maybe next time…).

To test out the starter I decided to use a basic classic sourdough recipe.

I did not measure the water instead I slowly added water to the sour and starter until it was doughy constancy. Roughly 250grams of starter and 280grams of flour. I also decided to use up my self raising white flour which should be interesting… I kneaded the dough and left it 20 minute to rest before kneading it again.


I also just use a generous pinch of salt on the second knead. (I always found it impossible to measure on the scale such small amounts of grams for salt, NB. 10grams is about 2tsp)

IMG_7469 (1)

After 18 hours of rest (I have a cold kitchen). It seemed reasonably proffed i.e. the dough bounced back partially when i pocked it.


scored and floured a bit.IMG_7475

and in the oven it goes at 220C for 30min followed by 200C for 15min. And tadaahhh!


The crust though is nice and hard. but you cant win them all, the side split a little. Could be from not adding steam, not forming a skin before leaving to proof or underproffing.

The insides not a s bubbly as i would like but it is bouncy.IMG_7482

Tasting notes: overall enjoyable but a little bland (not enough salt) and slight bitter taste (might be the self raising flour).

Next time rosemary olive oil sourdough.